The Team

Preston Langholz
Communication: "How do I quickly chat with my mom without committing to a full conversation? What do my smelly sandals say about me?"
Recent News: Recently discovered, through thorough user studies and rapid prototyping, that mustache or no mustache, girls just aren't attracted to him.
Adrian Sierra
Communication: "How do i get the hell out of this lame party? I want to leave with someone but I don't know who else wants to leave. Also, how do I lie effectively? I can't keep track of all my lies and I don't want them to conflict with each other."
Recent News: Recently won the first ever Nobel Prize in Design for creating and conducting the first ever B/A test. It had never been done.
Moritz Sudhof
Communication: "Are my colorful pants and awesome vest jacket giving off the right impression? I may have a sweet sense of style, but i still care about connecting families and empty-nest parents."
Recent News: Moritz was recently arrested for ideating in public. After leaving a German football game, he was stopped for holding up traffic because he was "brainstorming a new idea for a sidewalk that could handle all the fan foot traffic."