Milestone 3

Our Slide Deck Documenting our Wizard of Oz Testing


How long does it take to send a text message? 10 seconds? It takes about just as long and feels about just the same as leaving a YouTube comment. We’re busy people but we spend 10 seconds leaving comments, reading comics, or watching ads all the time and we are no closer to the ones we love. Let’s use that time wisely. Quack is an application where you can request a 10-second video chat with a friend of yours. You are at your computer and so are they, why not see each other's face and maybe exchange some words or expressions. It's capped at 10 seconds to avoid the social weight that accompanies a video chat.

Paper Prototype

Quack Home screen. Friends list on the left, Request list on the right.

The center of the screen is the action center, a request dialog appears to send a request to a friend. the user can specify when the request times out.

The request list shows the new outgoing request that will time out in 3 minutes.

This is the chatting interface. The time is ticking down in the top right corner and the chat will end when time is up.

After the chat, that user can no longer be contacted to Quack today, so they are currently unavaiable.


A picture says a thousand words, and a four second video says a lot more than that. In a world where we push our media and updates into our friends inboxes and news feeds, Glmpse allows you to pull some of that information from your friends by requesting a glmpse of what is going on their life.

Paper Prototype

Friends list in Glmpse

From your friends list, clicking on a name will bring up the request link to request a glmpse from them, with an optional accompanying message

Your inbox is where your received glmpses are that you can watch.

The requests page is where you can see all outgoing and incoming requests for glmpses and respond to your incoming ones.

From your incoming requests, you can click to respond and the response is as simple as pointing your phone and hitting a big red record button.

Wizard of Oz Testing and Feedback

We conducted some Wizard of Oz testing with pre-existing technologies, low-fidelity and paper prototypes and a little code scaffolding. The main purpose of our experimentation was to simulate the experience and flow of Quack and Glmpse.

Here are some videos of our interactions:

Here are some audio recordings of conversations we had with our subjects both pre and post WoZ Testing