Milestone 1


Keep Your Lies in Line

An application where users can document the lies they tell so that when producing a new lie, they can reference previous lies to make sure their stories do not conflict

More Coming Soon

10 Seconds or Less

An application that senses when users are at their computer. Although they may be preoccupied and not in the mood for a full conversation, other users can see that they are at their computer and they can begin a video chat that closes after 10 seconds. A video chat between two users cannot be opened more than once a day.

More Coming Soon

Let's Get Out of Here

We all want to leave the boring party, but i don't want to say it out loud, that would be rude. Instead, under the veil of anonymity, I make known that I want to leave the party, and can coordinate with others who want to leave the party. Can be generalized to any taboo activity.

More Coming Soon

Virtual Cork

A projection on a wall or the refrigerator in your parents home where you can virtually leave messages and notes for them to see when they come home or walk by.

More Coming Soon


Connecting Remote Families

Topics Include
  • Virtual Message Board: leave messages for your loved ones as if you stopped by and left a note
  • Family Band: the family gets together via web and composes a song together to a provided background beat
  • Interactive Family Portait: Each face is bright or not depending on what they're doing or where they are
  • Remote Controlled Statue: Something the kids cannot remotely active and move around so the mom comes home and can see that "her kids had been there."

Communicating Politely

Topics Include
  • How do I respectfully decline an offer?
  • How do I politely exit a conversation?
  • How do I deliver bad news?

Limited Availability

Topics Include
  • I can talk, but I only have 2 minutes. Make it quick.
  • "Can't you see I'm busy? Do not approach me."

Subtle Communication

Topics Include
  • Without talking out loud, users can communicate their desires and see who shares them. "Who else wants to leave this party?.."
  • How do I read between the lines into what this person is saying. "Do they actually want me to come to dinner with them? Or are they just being polite?"


Topics Include
  • Something to help a user keep track of lies so that they don't get caught in conflicting stories.
  • Something to help generate an excuse as to why you can't make it to a boring lecture your friend is giving